It was shocking when the pigeons finally informed us that the freezing weather was almost over. You would think that by this point, we would be used to snow and chilly temperatures. My partner and I were raised on an island without snow. I had to contend with monsoons and extreme heat, but not with snow and freezing temperatures. This explains why, even 8 years after my friend and I moved, it still surprises us how cold it can get. He was given the chance to lead a new office in the north by his supplier, and my friend and I seized the opportunity. This would have required me to resign from my job, but I also had the opportunity to return to school to complete my degree. Since then, life has been wonderful for us, and my friend and I even have a two-year-old boy. She prefers the snow and is always the first person outside making snow angels, but my friend and I prefer to stay in places that make us feel happy and energized. Anyway, my friend and I are working on adjusting and are hoping that eventually we won’t be concerned about the winter. The best time to maintain our home’s air conditioner is in the spring, my colleague and I have discovered. About five years ago, my partner and I purchased the property, and ever since, it has been the best place to call home. My friend and I have a furnace that keeps us warm throughout the winter and an air conditioner that we use starting in June. Since it’s not that hot outside, my friend and I sometimes take longer to turn on the air conditioning, but having it is also a blessing. Our area has an HVAC supplier, and they also perform fantastic spring maintenance.

Commercial AC

By Steve