She was eager to spend more time with her infant now that Luke was a new parent.

A girl was born to her fiance, and they named her after her grandmother.

She was the wonderful woman who had raised Luke and is still a professor today that Luke is an adult. The name was ordered by her fiance, which made Luke love her even more. She’s not sure how she said yes to him, but in all honesty, she always feels like the luckiest woman in the world. Luke received a labor order for heating repair in a desirable area of the city a few years ago. When she arrived at the task location at nine in the morning, the most lovely woman welcomed her. While on the phone, she motioned for Luke to enter. She ended the call and greeted him, saying she was from the Heating and Air Conditioning company. Luke was given the go-ahead to find the defective unit in Mary’s basement after she grinned at him. She had on sweatpants, a hoodie, and thick socks, so she knew the furnace had failed because the house felt cold. Luke completed his work in an hour, restarting the furnace. She turned around and made an approach after he had put her tools in her van. They went out to dinner a few afternoons later after she unexpectedly surprised him by saying yes. Although it seems so long ago, Luke has never stopped being in love with her now-fiancé. She had to rush to the condo on this particular day after finishing an A/C repair in order to be there for them.

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