It is Monday & I am resonating between playing tunes & playing volleyball.

  • Volleyball doesn’t honestly have a future or potential anymore after playing for so numerous years, but tunes could open some new doors & supply me some exciting opportunities.

I am waiting to hear from my silent bandmate about if my buddy and I will play tonight. I call him the silent bandmate because his communication skills are horrible. He is a great guitar player but keeps all his thoughts inside due to fear or something, & it is starting to erode our band from the seams. We have some local suppliers where my buddy and I could do gigs, although he is so awful at communicating that my buddy and I are losing the gigs as fast as they come in, but he can go back to cleaning boiler filters for a living & drop the tunes pursuit, but I know he would not be cheerful just being an Heating & A/C tech for the rest of his life, and some doors open for us & if my buddy and I are too scared to walk through them then they will close & never open again. Heating & cooling systems are okay to work on, but if you have a talent other than that of an Heating & A/C worker then you need to pursue it or you will live a life of regret for the rest of your afternoons; I am 55 years old now & I can’t spend my time afraid of taking the next step that can bring me success. I will keep doing my work for the cooling corp but my sights are set on being a tunesian.

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By Steve