There’s one thing that I enjoy, it’s Home Improvement projects, and since I first bought my own home, I have been obsessed with slowly improving the space and my financial outlook, then the investment that I make in my dwelling are really going to be profitable down the line; I made sure of this when I bought a fixer-upper as well as consulted with the best real estate agents about how I could improve the value of the home.

They had money recommendations for me, including adding another powder room as well as updating the family room.

They also told me I should look into practical measures such as updating the central heating as well as cooling system, installing a current thermostat, as well as making sure that the house is well-insulated for all of the brand current indoor air quality control equipment. They told me that there’s no point in investing in Hi Tech heating as well as cooling equipment if I do not bother to seal up the house before hand. I will just be filling the house with fancy are that floats straight out the roof, then when I am selling the house, customers will notice that the insulation is unadequate as well as the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system has gone through more wear-and-tear than necessary. They told me it’s in my best interest to fully seal up the house as well as to start with the windows as well as doors. I just went out to the local hardware store as well as returned with everything that I need to start respectfully sealing the doors as well as windows; My plan is to close up any gaps that could be letting my high quality indoor air escape, however once I am done with the windows as well as doors, I am moving into the attic as well as floors. My dwelling will have excellent Indoor air quality.
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By Steve