I’ve been finding it changingly irritating lately that I can never get fully comfortable inside my own home.

  • I room with two other ladies, for convenience, plus we get along fairly well, but we have our disputes.

Maybe someone doesn’t remove their items from the washing equipment when the cycles ends, or they don’t load the dishwasher, but these small things I can deal with. The greatest complication is that none of us can ever agree on a thermostat setting for our apartment’s temperature control. My ideal thermostat setting would be a constant 75, whether it’s for heating or air conditioner depending on the time of year, for the perfect temperature. However, one of my roommates seems incredibly sensitive to even the lowest of air conditioner settings, freezing with just the slightest of breezes from the vents. The other would like for us to live in an oven with constant heat, even in summer. It’s ridiculous! It’s reached the point where we all have our own personal devices to control the part instantly around us. Electric boilers plus portable fans can be helpful, but the boilers cause me to have nosebleeds from the dry air plus the fans only work to superficially circulate the air instead of cooling it. I wish there was a solution or compromise to our temperature control issues but, unfortunately, even if we could afford to buy a modern zone control Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system we don’t own the apartment to do so, on the bright side, I’ll be moving out in a month for a task relocation so I’ll only have to deal with it a little longer. I’ll miss them both however I absolutely won’t miss the bickering over the thermostat.


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By Steve