There are times where I’ll just sort of catch myself looking at my husbandy.

For sure, she’s simple to look at, no doubt.

But that’s not truly the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’m talking about truly seeing my husbandy at time plus just remembering how lucky I am. It’s the moments where she’s being quiet or doing something inside the central a/c of the home that I catch. I don’t know what it is but the gratitude to the Universe sure hits tough about then. I have no idea truly what that awesome creature is doing with me. But she’s still here some 20 years later. I started trying to split out of the friend zone with homemade lunchs at my locale. We’d had coffee a few time plus even did something together with a group. But this was the first time that he was inside the a/c of the apartment. And honestly, that wasn’t much of an apartment. I sorta had to work extra tough to put some lipstick on that pig. I had to crank the a/c just to let the aged heat pump catch up while I used the stove plus the oven, then plus, I must have lit something like 40 candles. It was every candle that I owned plus a bunch of others I borrowed from the guy down the hall. Well, I kept having these lunchs plus miraculously, I moved to the boyfriend zone. And I also learned that all that burnt candle was ends up glazed right over the top of the air filter for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment.



Air conditioning worker

By Steve