I’ve worked for 10 years as an on-call service worker on numerous properties, then essentially, if something breaks or a new building is bought by my boss that needs repairs, I do the necessary work to fix things up! From kneeling stone to new paint jobs, I’ve done it all, however i’m a jack of all trades, but this does mean I lack some of the more technical knowhow studying any certain part in depth would bring! When I got the call a month ago that my boss had a new building for me to go to, I thought it would be a normal job like any other; But, upon arriving, I soon noticed pet droppings in nearly every room from an infestation, but an exterminator took care of that easily enough, leaving me to do my work in the building afterwards, but it seemed the rodents had caused permanent detriment to the Heating as well as A/C system.

I thought perhaps they had chewed through the wiring in the basement, but I couldn’t see any visible detriment to the heater down there, as well as the air conditioning wasn’t laboring regularly either.

I was forced to give up on tackling the problem on my own as well as had to call in for an Heating as well as A/C contractor specialist to come out to take a look at things… His assessment noted serious detriment in the ductwork that was causing the air to leak out as well as not effectively maintain the building’s temperature control. I passed the report on to my boss who ordered for the easily of the Heating as well as A/C device to be updated to remove the broken parts as well as any option that the rodents had gotten into the rest. It was pricey, but my boss enjoys to assure he’s offering quality rental properties to his tenants.
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By Steve