So it wasn’t exactly great news we got from the HVAC technician 3 weeks ago. We belong to an HVAC service plan and have since we moved here. Actually, the local HVAC company that we chose were the ones who replaced the residential HVAC in our home. Once we got that new heating and cooling equipment, it just made sense to try and protect it. That’s why we went with the HVAC service plan. So part of that plan is focused solely on HVAC maintenance. There are other HVAC services and discounts offered with the HVAC service plan. But clearly, the main thing is the HVAC maintenance. I say that because the HVAC company will only charge me for parts if there is ever a need for HVAC repair while I’m in the HVAC service plan. So that clearly means they believe in HVAC maintenance. We’ve never had to call for an HVAC repair. But the HVAC technician just told us that the heat pump was on its last legs. That meant we had a decision to make. Our finances are such that we would need some time to save for the new residential HVAC. That means trying to go through the Summer with a limping heat pump. My wife and I talked it over several times and it seems like the best thing to do is to roll the dice for the Summer. We’re going to baby the thermostat the whole way and just get more comfortable with higher temperatures this Summer. It’s certainly not ideal but we sure hope the HVAC unit has one more Summer in it.



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By Steve