Despite the fact that it’s still summer, I’ve been researching small fireplaces online.

I have a screened in porch that is considered my number one room in the house, & the number one space among my friends plus family.

It’s a great entertaining space plus I spend a lot of time out there, but the porch is fully screened in so there’s no chance of unwanted bugs or critters getting inside plus I have some of the best furniture out there, but of course, no entertaining space is complete without a television to watch the big games on so that was added immediately. The only thing that was missing from my screened in porch was a nice fireplace. I didn’t need anything pricey, however I did need something to add extra warmth to the space during the fall plus winter months. I hated not being able to utilize the space during the cooler months, so a small fireplace was exactly what I needed. I know I wasn’t interested in maintaining a real fire, so I’ve been researching electric fireplaces. I found a couple from the local hardware store that are reasonably priced plus small enough to fit on the porch. The descriptions claim that they can heat up to 1200 square feet which is more than enough, however there’s no way to find out until you put it to use. It’s hard to make a decision, however I know I need to purchase one before the weather begins to get cooler plus the prices go up.


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By Steve