After a long time of consideration I finally made up my mind that I’m ready to upgrade to another control unit. I’ve been hesitant and holding back for a long time because I’ve been comfortable and used to using the same control unit. I have to admit that I am a creature of habit, and because of this, when I’m used to using something a particular way I don’t respond to change. But change is just a part of life and I realize that I was going to have to get used to it at some point. This realization was becoming more and more obvious as I observed that my new control unit was starting to break down and give me problems more and more, and I started to see that I was going to have to update it sooner or later. After it broke down for the second time and I had a heating and A/C guy come out and fix it I had decided enough was enough, I was not only going to get another control unit but I was going to get a brand new one too. A better one and an upgraded one, and I think I’m going to go and get a smart control unit. What I adore about programmable control units like smart control units is that they are genuinely easy to control, and you can undoubtedly set them to anything you want. I’m just going to use mine to tell my heating and cooling system to turn on when I’m home and turn off when I’m not at home. In the Summer months I shall have the A/C on in the winter months. It’ll help me save some money and I shall have a modern control unit like everybody else. I have no issue having older things, but when they start to break down it’s time to update it.


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By Steve