It was a struggle when I first joined university, and dealing with homesickness was not the only issue considering climate change. I felt uncomfortable most of the time, especially when I was outdoors. I came from an part where the weather was cold, plus my dream university was hot. This horrifying difference meant that I needed to adjust suddenly. After settling in, the first thing I did was shop for appropriate clothing because most of my previous ones were meant for the cold weather, once I could fit in separate from looking like a clown, I decided that the next big transfer would be to get an a/c since the one in the hostels seemed to never work. The school website claimed that it was a current one, yet its functioning did not reflect this; No amount of increasing the temperature control setting in my room made it comfortable for me. It seems my roommates also struggled with this as she always kept her side of the window open during the afternoon plus sometimes at night. I recommended that my associate and I get a portable window A/C if she was willing to split the costs, which she did. One month down the line, the school management hired a professional Heating plus A/C company to check the a/c device since the complaints on the student portal had become too many. It turns out that the original company that had installed the device had done some shoddy task plus failed to install the mini-split ACs properly. The current team took a few afternoons, plus everything was restored to what it should have been. My roommate plus I decided to keep the window A/C just in case the complication recurred.


a/c tune up

By Steve