I was working on Tuesday at the heating and A/C repair shop when one of our commercial patrons called.

The employer of the diner was frantic because none of the A/C units were working in the diner.

The locale has various ductless mini split systems that are located throughout the diner and inside of the study room. It sounded like there was a complication with the outdoor unit. I had a commercial repair worker ready to go in a few minutes. I decided to join the commercial repair worker, because the guy has only been working for the company for a month or two. I wanted to make sure that the commercial buyer acquired the best repair possible. I had the driver parked around the back of the building so our repair truck wasn’t in the front parking lot. The employer met us out back where the A/C component is located. I sent the commercial repair worker inside to look over some things and I started looking at the component outside. I found the issue in a matter of moments, but it required parts that were back at the shop. I stayed and talked to the diner employer while the new guy drove back to the component shed to pick up parts. I had a burger and fries for lunch while we waited for the parts to arrive. It was my first time eating at the diner and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the burger. It was well seasoned and entirely cooked to perfection.

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By Steve