My air conditioning unit was over a decade old and while it still worked, it wasn’t very efficient.

After speaking with an HVAC professional during one of my biannual tune ups, I knew that I needed to have the air conditioning system replaced eventually.

I started researching air conditioners online to gain a better understanding on price and I slowly set aside money for the replacement. When I thought I was ready to rip out my old air conditioner and replace it with a new one, I contacted the HVAC company again for an estimate. They sent an HVAC professional to my house and he was happy to examine my current air conditioner and help me order a new one. After he was done examining my entire HVAC system though, he came back with disappointing news. My ductwork was even older than my air conditioner and it needed to be replaced if I wanted to see an improvement in efficiency. The old ductwork hadn’t been cleaned in years and there were holes covering it that were unpatchable. Even if I purchased a new air conditioning system, the old ductwork would let all the cool air escape before it even reached my house. This was a major setback that was going to cost me thousands of extra dollars, but it was imperative to have it replaced. As much as I hated to spend the extra money, it needed to be done. I wanted to cool my home more efficiently and a new air conditioner and duct work was going to give me that.


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By Steve