My child told me that when he got his own home, he was going to have the best HVAC system available.

  • He was going to save money because of how efficient his HVAC system was, and the heating and cooling would be excellent, then five years later, he had an apartment and our my son’s HVAC system was top-of-the-line; Unfortunately, he hadn’t done his due diligence and looked for HVAC systems that were best for this area, and would be more efficient.

He purchased an excellent HVAC system, however it wasn’t rated for temperatures that sometimes went well below freezing for weeks at a time, then my partner, his dad, was an HVAC worker, and not once did our idiot child talk to him about HVAC systems. He trusted a friend, who was not an HVAC worker, to help him. He said the HVAC system was expensive, and had all the bells and whistles. It could call the HVAC company if there was a problem. It wasn’t people coming in the household and notified him. It even sent an alarm to the fire company and/or police. My partner told him they were great features, however they were all run by the temperature control. He then asked our child what special features were in the heater and air conditioning unit. He shrugged and said he didn’t know. He thought all those were part of the HVAC system. His dad told him he could have gotten a whole home air purifier, and a humidifier for the price he paid for this HVAC system. The price doesn’t always reflect the quality of an item.


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By Steve