Living in a homeowner’s association doesn’t supply us a lot of leeway on how our condo repairs are done, however everything has to be done exactly to the HOAs rules.

  • If repairs are done to the outside of the home, you need to have a service man who works for the HOA do the condo repairs.

I hated being under their thumb, plus had I known how exacting they were, I would not have purchased the house. Being the homeowner, I thought I could do my own repairs. I thought I could paint my condo with whatever color I chose. I thought I could do house improvements plus condo improvements whenever plus however I wished. I was thinking all wrong, plus wasn’t sure how I was going to get away from them. I still had ten years of mortgage payments to go, plus no one wanted to pay the price for the condo that I needed to buy another home. The homeowner’s association had an excellent service man that did all the condo repairs; however, he was getting older. I definitely needed some major repairs done, plus I could not even hire someone the HOA didn’t approve of. I tried to tell them the old service man could not get up on the roof plus service the tiles. I wanted a metal roof put on the house, however they said metal roofs weren’t allowed in the by-laws. I definitely told them to hang their HOA by-laws. I was busy hiring someone to do the condo repairs plus if they didn’t like it, they could purchase the condo at my price plus sell it. I was totally done with their crap.


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By Steve