I moved into a current apartment recently, plus I do not think I will be staying actually long! My husband plus I have been together for almost fifteen years, plus we are between houses right now.

My friend and I owned a attractive, little loft type dwelling for a long time, but we needed some more space.

My friend and I started looking for a house, plus we found our dream apartment plus decided to buy it, however unluckyly, the owners sold the dwelling to someone else at the last minute, plus now we are stuck without a house.We are trying to find another apartment that we love, but so far we have not had any luck, apartment living just is not for us. My husband is away is for his job for many months at a time, plus I am stuck to deal with condo owners! The furnace in our apartment has been acting quite odd lately, plus I am so afraid that we will be stuck with it because our condo owner does not seem to like to answer any of my calls. The heaters is making a loud noise that it really should not be making! I just easily hope that it will service itself. My Mom provided to come look at the furnace, but I said no for the time being because he should not have to. If my condo owner keeps refusing to return my calls, I will easily just transport to another locale, and not having a good furnace will really be a immense complication once real winter time weather hits us, so whatever is wrong with it needs to be addressed soon. I truthfully hope that my condo owner will look into it because I would rather not transport again until we find our forever home.


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By Steve