My adult child was raised in a tropical area.

She just moved up North with her current spouse plus she is so excited to see the snow for the first time.

I told her that she needs to go sledding for me. Even at my age, I’d still go sledding. What she is excited most about is her current fireplace in her current home, but very few houses where my associate and I come from have fireplaces. My associate and I rarely need heat down here. So, my child was quite ecstatic to have a property in the woods with a big fireplace. She told me that she likes everything about the fireplace, from the sight of her current spouse splitting plus hauling wood to the crackle of the flames as it burnt the wood to the smell of smoke leaving the chimney. I’d never seen my child so ecstatic about anything before like she is about the fireplace. She even sent me pictures plus videos of it, with a fire going plus without. She made the pictures plus videos look genuinely romantic. She took good care in choosing what to put on the fireplace mantle. I asked her how else they planned to heat their condo plus she said the heat comes out of the vents, so I think she has a ducted forced moderate air distribution system, in other words, a boiler. I don’t know her fireplace would be big enough to heat her home, not from the way she described her house, even though I trust her current spouse to make sure she has heat. It’s his job to take care of her now.



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By Steve