My best neighbor as well as I appreciate to go to music festivals. My pal and I have been to about seven together, I think, after a while you absolutely start to lose track of all the festivals that you go to, however one of our preferred festivals posted their summer time lineup as well as my great friend and I obtained tickets right when they were available! I was so happy as well as my great friend and I started to plan the trip instantly, and lucky for us my great friend and I can just drive there everyday because my great friend and I live so close to the festival grounds. My pal and I also know a lot of people camping out if my great friend and I do decide my great friend and I want to stay later one night! This is my preferred festival not only because of the music but because they have air conditioned tents set up around the festival grounds. Many festivals are during the tepid summer time months as well as it’s hard to handle the heat if you aren’t officially hydrated. I appreciate this air conditioned tents as well as I run to them between sets because the portable fan that I have around my neck never absolutely does the trick. My pal and I also have friends in the camping part that have air conditioners for their tents as well. They are small little portable air conditioners that absolutely do the trick. I know they might even have a small portable boiler for when the sunshine goes down as well as it starts to get freezing outside. I might have to take advantage of these heating as well as cooling systems in my friends tents if the other air conditioned tents get too crowded too abruptly during the festival.



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By Steve