I’ve been dating Lucas for two years, and I think our relationship is going well.

The ease with which I was able to put my trust in him has really surprised me. This new romance started at the most unexpected time! A while back, after having a heart attack, my great friend and I called off our engagement. So I decided to put my efforts first rather than cherish dating. Even though I wasn’t in a rush, I knew I would eventually want to meet someone. I’ve been under a lot of pressure to find someone before I turn 30. Then, they claimed I would be too old. I skipped over some blatant yellow flags as I hurried to get someone. I was done after she cheated on me with my friend and decided to live my life. Then, one time, I noticed that my A/C was not operating properly while I was at my condo. I called a local heating and cooling company and asked for help; they sent someone to my house. I met Lucas in this way. She worked as a technician for the nearby heating and air conditioning company and continues to do so. Lucas did an excellent job investigating why my A/C wasn’t functioning properly. The worn component was then replaced, and she assured me the component was fixed. After packing up her tools in her van, Lucas returned to my door. She thought I was beautiful and wanted to ask me out to dinner. Even though I could see she was gorgeous, I was shocked when my heating and air conditioning technician asked me out. My answer was a resounding “yes,” and the rest is history. My great friend and I now enjoy spending a lot of time together, and she recently bought me a portable air conditioner for my labor van.


Indoor comfort business

By Steve