I have lived up north my entire life.

I never absolutely knew anything different.

It is frigid almost all year, and I have never absolutely liked it being so cold, although I was just so used to it. When it was time for me to option a school to go to I almost picked a school down south just so that I could experience the temperature there. I decided that that was genuinely not the best way to decide on which school to go to, so I ended up going to a school up north close to home. I met my attractive spouse there, and my pal and I lived near my family for the past seven years. My spouse was recently gave a absolutely wonderful task, and he decided to accept it. I am absolutely happy for him, and it comes with a bonus for me. My wonderful friend and I have to transport down south for the task. I am so happy to finally experience the warm temperature and air conditioning. People laugh at me all of the time when I tell them that I have never had air conditioning in my house or vehicle. It is tplot though. Growing up, my pal and I never had air conditioning in the house, and our cars never had working air conditioning. It is not absolutely necessary to have air conditioning where my pal and I live, so I guess it will be fun to experience needing air conditioning for the first time in my life. The people that my pal and I are buying our current house from said that they have only ever turned on their furnace one time. I could not assume it when they told us that because my pal and I are used to using our furnace almost year round. I just cannot wait to transport and get settled into our current home.

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By Steve