Jonathan requested that we convert the garage into a real estate office.

Because my friend and I keep all of our belongings there, I was initially hesitant about the idea.

My friend and I would need to rent a storage unit if we converted the garage into an office. His fight was great, though, because my friend and I both needed a real estate office. I use a small table in our home office and work part-time on the property. Jonathan works remotely from this small table on a full-time basis. He lost his job at a specific hotel in the city during the pandemic and started working remotely. There used to be some home office plants on the small table that my friend and I use as a semi-office. But now it comes with PCs and other tools to help us with our work. Finally, I consented with him that my friend and I convert the garage into a small real estate office. We could fit our car on one side and use the other side as an office. The only problem was that my friend and I needed to determine the most efficient way to heat and cool the garage. The forced air system in the home that my partner and I share doesn’t extend to the garage. Therefore, we would need to install air ducts if my friend and I wanted to share a unit. A HVAC worker also mentioned purchasing a new HVAC system to accommodate the added space. All of that seemed pricey, so Jonathan ordered my friend and I to buy a mini split air conditioner for the garage. It would operate independently of our home’s HVAC system and was less opulent.


Commercial HVAC provider

By Steve