I was not raised around natural gas appliances, so it was no wonder that I was intimidated by this contraption that was supposed to heat my whole studio apartment.

It was an older model space heater that didn’t have a self ignition button. I went plus bought one of those long lighters my associate and I used to use to light the barbecue grill. The first few times I lit this gas heater, I called my mother to tell her I loved her, in case I blew myself up. That’s how afraid of the gas heater I was. I suppose that I have seen too several movies or study too several books involving gas explosions, because I was sure that I was going to blow myself up one of those afternoons trying to light the heater, or, at the undoubtedly least, catch my hair on fire. I was so scared of that heater. Once I got it lit, I was okay. I just tried not to put it out. But then I had a problem with it going out on me once while the gas was still on. The heater was situated kind of close to the front door. When my wifey left one night, the breeze from the door must have blown the flames on the heater out plus I didn’t even notice, until I woke up freezing, with a terrible headache. And then I was afraid to light it, thinking the gas has been running on low this whole time, I didn’t want to blow up the house. I was grateful to finally move out of there plus into a place that also had a gas heater, but a self lighting one.
gas fireplace

By Steve