I had never advertised my HVAC company.

I inherited it from my parents, and I used his customer base. When I saw that my customer database was getting old, I knew I had to figure out how I was going to start adding to it. Many of my clients had retired and were no longer living in homes, but in retirement communities. Some of them had passed away, and others had moved out of the area. I got several clients, but I wasn’t recouping enough to cover what I was losing. I talked to an online marketer and he started talking about PPC advertising. He provided social media ads, Google ads, and to add extra pages and SEO to the website. I had no idea what he was talking about. I did searches on the web, but I didn’t know it was SEO that took me from my search to a website. I clicked on ads that noted Google verified, and I clicked on ads that directed me to a website I clicked out of separate from perusal. He told me I was a product of online advertising. He said PPC was where you paid a particular amount if someone clicked on your ad and went to the Heating and Air Conditioning website or other website, it was acquaintanced with. Using google ads was the same premise, but you paid google to place your ads. He could place my Heating and Air Conditioning ads on social media sites, and the people would be directed to my Heating and Air Conditioning website. Regardless of what advertising means I used, I still needed SEO, which is keywords and phrases that connect my HVAC website to those ads.



Web building

By Steve