There are few things that I actually like about technology.

I seem to have very bad luck.

Since I do have very bad luck, I tend to experience technology that does not work well. I do not even understand how to use my own phone. I think I need to attend a class that teaches me how to use the phone. There is only one piece of technology that I tend to really enjoy. This piece of technology would be called my zone control technology. I understand completely how it works and what I need to do with it. This zone control is installed with the HVAC unit I have installed at the house. I have a thermostat in most of the rooms. The purpose of this is so that I can change the temperature of the rooms and have them be whatever I want them to be. My room is able to be 5 degrees warmer than the bathroom if I do so desire. This is what I love about the technology I have in my house. I actually understand how to work it. As long as I know how to change the thermostat, I should have no problem with this system at all. So far, it has yet to break down on me. I have not had to call the HVAC company back to fix anything. It makes it very convenient for me to have something like this. It helps me to save on energy each and every month too. Zone control technology is the one piece of technology I actually love.


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By Steve