For sure, I got off the couch plus out of the air conditioning at the end of last Summer to save cash.

This was the first time that I had decided to take action when it came to lowering the cost of heating our home! Every other year, I happily stayed grounded to the couch plus the cooling comfort of the central air conditioning in my home.

But man, I have been working really hard to figure out how to manage the financial pinch of the last 3 years. When I had to work remotely from the heating plus cooling of my household during the pandemic, I did so at a pay cut. Plus, there were no bonuses for 2 years. Then, I finally get back to my seasoned salary plus then I face all this inflation. What costs me two hundred bucks at the grocery store now costs me three hundred bucks. It’s hard to suppose that it costs this much now. To offset all these price increases, I’ve had to resort to cost tearing. The job I work sure hasn’t been there with a cost of living raise or anything so it’s up to me to save what I can. And that was the motivation when I decided to get off the couch plus seal up this household last Summer. The heating costs can be quite significant around here so doing anything makes a difference. But this year, I followed the step by step directions from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier website when it came to winterizing my home. It’s now Spring so I just added up all the heating costs for this past Winter. I knew I would save some cash or at least hold the costs steady when factoring in inflation. But my pal and I saved nearly 20 percent over last year on heating costs.


By Steve