One of the greatest things I hate about my apartment is the baseboard heaters.

The apartment was built in the late seventies when baseboard furnaces were all the rage, plus while they do work, I can’t sit having them in my home; Not only are baseboard furnaces a fire hazard, however they’re bulky plus take up too much space in every room.

I’m actually thankful to have heat, however the baseboard furnaces drive me nuts, unluckyly, I spent most of my money buying the apartment plus I didn’t have enough leftover for a brand new HVAC system plus air duct. Therefore, I can’t afford to rip out the baseboards plus replace them. Unluckyly, I noticed an issue with one of the baseboards a few weeks ago plus I was forced to hire an HVAC professional to come look at it, then as I was expecting, the baseboard needed to be completely replaced, however since my apartment was so old, they didn’t have exactly the same baseboard available to purchase anymore, which meant that the new one would be different from all the rest. To make matters worse, I didn’t want to spend money on a new baseboard heater when I hated them so much. I wanted to save my money for a new HVAC system plus air duct, not invest more money into the baseboards. Unluckyly, I had no option if I wanted heat in that room. The HVAC professional was actually nice plus he told me that if I purchased the new baseboard, he would come back plus install it that week.


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By Steve