For the longest time, my kids have been pleading with me for a movie room.

They claimed that the basement would be the ideal location for a grand movie theater.

There wasn’t much going on in the basement, so this was a great idea. My friend and I haven’t kept anything in the basement because my associate and I have a tool shed in the backyard that we also use as storage space. The only problem was that I was occupied with work. I therefore kept putting off finishing the basement so that it could serve as a small movie theater. We intended to add a sizable TV, a plush L-shaped sofa, and a pretzel maker. Along with painting the walls and making the area trash-proof, I also wanted to figure out the AC. Since my partner and I reside in the South, where summers are both long and hot, having an air conditioner in the basement was crucial. Eventually, the pandemic struck and I discovered that working from home gave me a lot of free time. I also had my children around my neck and a few tools from the shed. I even had the right paint and the necessary supplies, I just lacked the time. That was no longer an acceptable reason, and I also started remodeling the room. I then visited this heating and cooling company’s website to look at the best basement cooling options. I would take care of the cooling first and figure out how to heat the space later, on a cool evening. A space boiler might be suitable in that situation. Anyway, the movie theater was open, and I ended up ordering a ductless air conditioner for the basement.
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By Steve