I had a lot of people stay at my apartment this weekend.

I had people staying over that were sleeping on the floor in the living room and even in my room.

The plan was that we were going to go out for the weekend. We had spent all weekend drinking and fooling around with each other. At one point we noticed that the apartment had become really cold. We did not do anything at first. Then, as it became colder I tried to turn the thermostat up to make it warmer. However, that never happened. The apartment stayed cold even though we tried to make it warm. When I had figured it out that the house was cold and the thermostat wasn’t working I had already drank too much. I had to call the HVAC repair company anyway. I was hoping that they would not realize what was going on. It seemed like a very irresponsible thing to do. I was honestly a little embarrassed. I had some time to clean up and make the house presentable by the time they got there. He checked the system the very same day. He found that the reason that the system was not working well was because of the clogged air filter in the system. In all of the fun and chaos I must have forgotten to change the air filter that month. I had forgotten my responsibilities and now I was paying for them, literally. I couldn’t believe I had been so irresponsible and now I was going to have to pay this time for his services. It would have been far cheaper to just replace the air filter on my own. Next time, I better make a list of things to do before anyone comes over.
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By Steve