My husband plus I have lived in the same area for over forty-five years. And we have lived in the same dwelling for thirty years now. It is difficult to comprehend how quickly time seems to fly by. It seems like yupterday that I gave birth to our first born, plus now, he is thirty-five years old. I am easily thankful that we purchased a ranch type apartment because we have been able to stay in it even though we do not do well with stairs anymore. My husband has done a lot of renovations throughout the years, plus I cannot think how much has changed since we first moved into the house. Unluckyly, one thing that has not changed is our air conditioner situation. My friend and I do not have any type of air conditioner in our dwelling except for the three window units that we have spread throughout the house. I told my husband years ago that I would easily like to instal a central air system in our home, plus he thought it was a great idea. My friend and I never ended up doing it. It was one of those things that we both wanted but consistently kinda put on the back burner. My friend and I have had the money to do it several times throughout our apartment ownership, but we consistently end up spending it on other “more important” things. I know that we could actually afford it now, so I hope to convince my husband that it would still be nice to have some good AC. I am thankful that we at least have some window units so that the dwelling does not feel like a furnace while in the summer time months, but I hope to update to central air soon.

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By Steve