Only a few months ago I had to get a brand new iPhone.

  • I dropped my iPhone in a pool when I was toiling on the heater.

I didn’t realize that my iPhone was in my back pocket. I bent over to work on the pool boiler plus the iPhone fell out plus went to the bottom of the pool. I thought about diving in, however I also knew it was already too late for the iPhone. My loving husband talked me into buying the latest plus newest technology plus the iPhone was $1,000. I made a small down payment so the biweekly payments were manageable. I haven’t heard any concerns with the new iPhone plus I have been enjoying the good reception plus service. The iPhone has a mega antenna that is used to choose repair anywhere. I dropped my iPhone from the roof of a building last month when I was toiling on an AC repair. The AC device is located on the roof of the building. I was climbing up the ladder plus my iPhone was in the pocket of my overcoat. I have been leaving my iPhone in the vehicle, however I needed to take some pictures of the device on the roof so my iPhone was in my overcoat. When it dropped from the roof, it shattered. The iPhone still allows me to eventually make calls plus receive them, however I can’t use any of the technology plus the reception plus repair are actually horrible. I can’t even replace the iPhone, because I didn’t get insurance on the new equipment.


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By Steve