When my furnace went out last winter it was the last thing I would have ever expected to happen.

All I know is that I had gone to bed all moderate and toasty and as comfortable as I could possibly be, but when I woke up the feeling was completely different. I woke up and I managed to throw the covers completely off of me in my sleep, and the moment I was aware of the coldness touching my skin I right away reached for my covers, only to see if they had fallen off the side of the bed onto the floor. As soon as I sat up to pick them up off the floor I took a breath and I could see my breath! If it was so chilly that I could see my breath inside the apartment I knew something was genuinely wrong. The first thing I did was quickly grab my jacket and put on a thicker pair of pants. Then I ran out into the home office to see what was going on with the control unit, however obviously something wasn’t working perfectly if I was this chilly, and my assumptions were correct. Because the moment that I got out into the home office and took a look at the control unit I saw that it was saying that it was 66 degrees in the house! I couldn’t believe it because I tried everything I could to get my furnace to work. I have a smart control unit so I tried turning it on from my PC, I tried pressing the buttons on the control unit manually, I tried turning it off and back on again, but nothing that I tried worked. I was so upset my furnace was busted! So I did what anybody would have done in this situation and called emergency Heating, Ventilation, and A/C services. When the heating and cooling worker arrived he told me that it was my control unit that was broken and not my furnace, which offered me some relief. It’s much easier to update the control unit than it is replacing a heating device.

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By Steve