I looked online for a fantastic deal on a ductless heating plus A/C unit! Prices at the contracting supplier were a lot higher than I expected them to be.

I thought they were charging me a fortune for the equipment plus the work fees.

I thought it was going to be relatively straight-forward to install the ductless heating plus A/C machine on my own, so I went to an online retailer and I found a similar ductless heating in the A/C machine that was $200 less. The system was supposed to be straight-forward to install if you had a little bit of know-how plus experience with electrical work. I worked as a contractor for several years plus I did not believe it was going to be an easily big deal. When the equipment arrived a few nights later, I opened up the box to look at all of the equipment inside. I was surprised plus sad that there were no directions in the box. There wasn’t even another packing slip. I went online plus I found out that the directions have to be downloaded. There was no ink in my own printer, so I had to go to the electronics store. I printed out all of the directions plus there were 33 pages. After reading the first seven, I realized there was no way that I was going to be able to complete the upgrade on my own. I figured it was better to call for help before I made a big mess or caused irreparable disfigurement to pressing parts of the machine.



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By Steve