I had to leave for a couple of mornings plus go to the city.

I wasn’t exactly excited about the trip, because I knew I was going to be away from my teenagers for several mornings.

My mom provided to come over to the cabin to be with the teenagers, however I truthfully didn’t feel it was necessary. My son is 15 years old plus my child is 13. I thought they would be just enjoyable for the weekend alone. My mom is right down the road in case of an emergency so they could simply call him if they needed something. I called the cabin everyday to make sure that the teenagers were okay. On Tuesday evening I called the teenagers when I got to the town plus inspected my hotel. My child was watching a movie and then my son was washing dishes for dinner. I made food before I left the cabin so they didn’t have to cook anything while I was gone. I also left the teenagers a debit card for emergencies. I didn’t feel there would be any emergencies however I wanted to be safe. I absolutely did not expect concerns with the cooling system. My son called me on Friday morning because there wasn’t any freezing air coming out of the ductwork. The a/c should have been running plus my son was getting aggravated because it was getting warmer plus warmer inside of the house. I told my son to call his Grandma so he could come plus look at the a/c. She could not repair the problem either, although he called a service center.

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By Steve