It’s mid March and where I live, that means my friend and I are seeing the temperatures get into and stay in the 81’s.

  • Thankfully, the temperatures drop during the evening back to the 60’s.

So my friend and I still have cool morning and aren’t going outside with our tea to the tune of heat pumps singing their a/c song. That’s not far off though. My pal and I are now at the time of year where having the a/c strategy mapped out and ready to execute is essential. The first part of any fantastic a/c strategy is Heating & A/C maintenance. The heat pump gets to hibernate most of the winter season since there isn’t a sizable heating demand around here. So that makes it even more important to have the Heating & A/C professionals come out to do the a/c tune up in the Spring. Normally, this is something that I do in early March. I get on it early because there are times throughout the Spring where you need some spot cooling from the heat pump. Mostly, my friend and I just leave the a/c off as long as my friend and I can but being ready early is important. That way, I can turn my attention to the rest of the a/c strategy. The whole idea is particularly all about making sure that my friend and I are maximizing the efficiency of the heat pump. So that means making sure the direct sun heating is mitigated with solar shades throughout the Spring and Summer. I also like getting a tight seal on the condo as well. Another fantastic idea is to get ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done if you haven’t for a while. The ductwork cleaning improves the indoor air quality while the ductwork resealing is a large boost to the heat pump’s efficiency.


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By Steve