One of the most unnoticed trades out there is that of an HVAC technician.

Much like a healthcare worker, HVAC technicians are in constant demand.

If you think of every building in the country, they all have heating and cooling systems and sometimes, these systems require maintenance. A properly functioning HVAC system is a vital part to most homes and businesses. If the heating or AC goes out in the middle of a harsh winter or summer, a business can really suffer. Best practice when opening a business is to have a trustworthy HVAC company on call. In the event that your heating or cooling goes out in the middle of a very cold or very warm day, it is vital to have an on-call HVAC company. On the weekends, it can be much more difficult to find an HVAC company if you don’t have one in place. When I worked in a restaurant, we would often call the HVAC company in the middle of a busy shift on a weekend. It seemed like the AC was always going out on the hottest day of the summer in a very warm and humid climate. Without the HVAC technician, we would never be able to run a successful business. The temperature is a huge factor of running a successful business. I remember one night, it was so hot in the restaurant that we had to close down early in the middle of a busy shift. Customers were upset and we all missed out on a lot of money that night.


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By Steve