I haven’t yet left a child somewhere waiting for me to pick them up.

That’s pretty good I guess as I’ve heard of other dad’s who forgot to pick up a kid after some extracurricular activity.

If I do end up being that absent minded, I’m for sure not going home to the central air conditioning of my house and facing my wife. That would not be a good scene at all as that lady is a serious Mama bear. Still, there are just so many different things that just have to get done day in and day out. We do our best to sort of strategize and compare notes while we suck down coffee and get the kids out the door. But then, we are off to the zone controlled HVAC of our respective offices to meet the serious challenges of that environment. I’m thankful to have text reminders from my wife about where I’m going and what kid I’m picking up. Then, once I have said child, it’s off to the market or whatever other places to do those errands. By the time I get home, there isn’t much time for lounging in the air conditioning. There is feeding the kids and laundry and all that other household stuff. So having something like the HVAC service plan really does make a big difference. I don’t have to remember anything but to change the air filter when it’s time. The HVAC maintenance appointments are done by the HVAC company and I don’t even have to be here. It might seem like a small thing but just having the HVAC service plan really does take something off of my lengthy to do list.



Air conditioning install

By Steve