My brother and I are a team and we do a lot of the HVAC sales together

I have worked in sales my entire life. I went to school to study business and I think it really has helped me out with my career in sales. When I first started my career I worked in car sales. I really didn’t like to sell cars, but I was pretty good at it. As I gained some experience, I was able to choose what kind of sales I wanted to do. So, I decided that I would work in HVAC sales. My brother worked for a company that sold HVAC system to large office buildings. There is a lot of money in this line of work and I thought it would be a great way for me to really make a name for myself. My brother helped me get the job at the HVAC company and I have been here for about ten years now. I really like working in HVAC sales because one sell can earn you enough money for about six months. My brother and I are a team and we do a lot of the HVAC sales together. I am happy that my brother and I work so well together because I know a lot of people don’t like to work with their family members. I don’t know if I will work in HVAC sales for the rest of my career, but for now I am really loving it and I think I will stay with this HVAC company for a while.


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By Steve