I remember when I first moved into this neighborhood.

My wife and I were starting a family and this was our first time as homeowners.

With some help from both of our families, we were able to buy the house we still live in. And it was new then. From the HVAC equipment to the dishwasher, everything was one hundred percent new. It was such a thrill. But we also got a lot of help learning about being homeowners from the older neighbors who had been doing it for a while. These days, we are the old neighbors. It’s just me and my wife now sharing the central air conditioning of our home. We had two kids only a year or so apart and they are now starting their own lives. In fact, we’ve been here so long that we had to replace that original heating and cooling equipment not so long ago. And we went with some amazing residential HVAC. Yet, we stuck with the same local HVAC company because they have been so wonderful through all these years. So now, when there are new neighbors, we are the welcome wagon and we always recommend the local HVAC professionals. We just had some folks move in across the street. They are from up north and are facing the first Summer season down here. The young couple seemed awfully intimidated by the prospect of our level of heat and humidity. But we helped them understand the best ways to mitigate high air conditioning costs and how to adjust their schedules for being outside. For sure, the peak heating hours of the day are for the central air conditioning.

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By Steve