remember clearly when the HVAC contractor told me about the HVAC warranty.

This was just minutes after the installation of our new heating and cooling equipment was finished. The HVAC professionals had tested it out and everything was a go. Of course, I was almost giddy as this was the last step in what had been a bit of a process. Actually, getting the HVAC unit replaced was a lot less hassle than I thought it was going to be. But thankfully, we had a bit of a heads up as well. We’re part of an HVAC service plan. So that means that among other benefits, we get seasonal HVAC maintenance. The HVAC technician told us last Spring that the end was near for the heat pump. We were lucky to get another Summer season out of it. That allowed us to get our finances together and meet a couple of time with the HVAC contractor. This time, we really wanted to go with the best in residential HVAC. And I wanted all that HVAC technology that so many of my friends raved about. Well, we got all of that and more with this new residential HVAC. However, the HVAC contractor made it very clear that I needed to be sure to get the HVAC warranty registered with the factory. But I was so taken with all the HVAC technology and the very best quality heating and air ever that I forgot. Thankfully, I remembered just a week before the window for registering the HVAC warranty closed. Had I not remembered, I’d have no warranty on my brand new heating and cooling equipment.
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By Steve