I used to never be satisfied with the way my home smelled.

The air would be stale and stagnant, and while I could turn on my air conditioning system to help with the circulation, and use an air purifier to remove any impurities and bad odors, they didn’t help give my home a pleasant aroma.

I’ve tried multiple brands and types of air fresheners but I’ve found that they either don’t have a strong enough smell to permeate past a few feet from where they’re located or they make the room they’re in smell too strongly. Then a friend of mine recommended a new method of freshening the air in my home using my HVAC system. Some air fresheners can be placed inside of your HVAC ventilation ducts, or back near the air filter, to be filtered through the vents throughout the entire house. I was a little skeptical at first but it was worth as a try, especially since it didn’t involve any new, expensive equipment. And it worked! I can honestly say I’ve never been happier breathing in my home since I started using my HVAC system to disperse my air freshener. The scent isn’t too heavy in any one particular room and it gives the nicest, faintest hint of pleasant fragrance anywhere I go. I’m going to need to switch out the scents now and again, as I can imagine I will grow used to the old one, but I am in love with this method. The scents are affordable, it uses the HVAC equipment I already have in my home, and it doesn’t damage the HVAC system when used. The only thing I’m upset about is wasting money on all those other types of air fresheners in the past when I could have been doing things this way all along.

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By Steve