My friend and I had plans to go camping last summer.

The plan was to toil all of June and July and then we’d head out for the trip in November.

My friend and I cherish going on such trips in November when the crowds have left. There is a state park in the next state that my buddy and I wanted to explore. There’s a pressing lake in the park that has a charming beach, water you can swim in, and camping ground. Staying there for a week was the perfect way to relax and also go hiking on the various trails in the area. My friend and I set our plans and began toiling to make enough money to cover our costs. My friend and I didn’t want to sleep in tents, so instead my buddy and I chose to rent a camper van. My friend’s dad hired us for the summer season to help with his honey farm. He runs a bee removal business and also has a farm where the bees live their lives. Bees can inhabit strange sites including homes and dealers where they pose a threat. This is where my friend’s dad comes into the picture offering bee removal services. Some people do go for bee extermination but he always uses that as a last resort. Some bees can be too aggressive to try and relocate them safely. However, the majority of the bee rescues work out well and they end up in an up-to-date home. My friend and I toil primarily in the honey farm and he’s trained us well on how to handle bees. Next, my buddy and I hope to learn bee removal and one afternoon we may join him on the task.


Bee rescue

By Steve