The heat pump has to be one of the more underrated technological wonders out there.

It’s so good at heating and cooling in this region that there really isn’t any other choice for quality heating and air.

This thing does such a good job that we all take it for granted to some degree or another. That’s for sure the way I’ve been. But that all changed when I took an afternoon to really get a better understanding of this amazing HVAC technology. I actually asked the HVAC technician if I could shadow him and get a lesson in the heat pump while he did the air conditioning tune up. I just happened to be home that day and I’ve always been curious just how this thing works. Well, it was quite an eye opening afternoon for me and big time HVAC education as well. I had no idea that the basic heat pump was invented at the very start of the 20th century. So the HVAC technology itself, in it’s most basic form, is more than a hundred years old. However, we’ve only had residential HVAC for the last 70 years or so. The heat pump is actually named quite precisely as that’s exactly what this machine does. The whole premise of the heat pump is that it moves heat energy from one place to another. In a residential HVAC capacity, it’s moving the heat energy out of the home to be exhausted outside through the HVAC cabinet. That’s what all those fins are for in there. And this allows cooler air to take it’s place. Thus, we get cooling comfort and balanced humidity levels as a result of the air conditioning process.


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By Steve