When I went to work this afternoon, the HVAC worker was sitting in my backyard installing my new air conditioning unit.

I wished I could stick around and see how well the air conditioning component worked, however I couldn’t get the day off.

The HVAC worker assured me he would take care of everything. Since the breaker box was on the patio, which I left unlocked, he would make sure the A/C component was running before he left. The only thing I should have asked about was the disposal of the old air conditioning unit. When I got home, the old a/c was still in the backyard. I called the HVAC company and told them their tech hadn’t taken the old A/C unit with him. They asked if I had requested for it to be taken away. This was something I thought was implied. What was I supposed to do with a broken a/c sitting in my backyard. I had a new air conditioning unit, and I didn’t want the old one there for yard art. The person I was talking to chuckled. She said she had seen some interesting yard art, however she had never seen an air conditioning unit or a heater, and continued to tell me about the toilet she had seen that was being used as a flower pot. I didn’t like toilets, and all I wanted to know was when they were going to pick up the old A/C unit. She told me she would check with the HVAC tech and see if he could come back and option it up when he was done with his service call.

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By Steve