In being a new parent, Luke was overjoyed to have more time with his child. In addition, they named him after his Grandma because his wife had given birth to a boy. That extraordinary man had raised Luke, and even as an adult, he still works as a teacher. The name was ordered by his husband, and Luke grew even more enamored of her as a result. He honestly believes he is the luckiest man alive and is baffled as to how she agreed to marry him. Luke received a work order for a heating repair in a lovely area of the city a few years ago. He arrived at the job site at nine in the morning, and the most attractive man opened the door. She beckoned Luke inside while she continued to use her iPhone. He ended the call and greeted him, saying he was from the HVAC company. Mary grinned at him and told him where to find the malfunctioning appliance in his basement. He knew the furnace had failed because the house felt chilly and he was wearing thick socks, sweatpants, and a hoodie. Luke finished in an hour and even got the furnace going again. He turned around and asked her out after putting his tools in his van. She surprised him by agreeing, and a few mornings later they went out to breakfast. Although it seems so long ago, Luke has never stopped loving his now-husband. He had to rush to the property that day to be with them after finishing an AC repair.

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By Steve