Harriet was unaware that she was now a homeowner for the first time, all thanks to her coworker.

Before starting a family, she had always wanted to own a condo.

Harrier wanted to do this even without a partner. Live your life, her father always advises, and let the woman discover you flourishing. She will respect you and realize she isn’t the center of your universe if you do it that way. Her father has always been a strong proponent of successful women and has always defended Harriet’s mother. Harriet worked hard, saved money, and started looking for homes to buy in her ideal neighborhood. It was fall when she almost gave up looking for a location after months of trying without any luck. Then, a section that was not in her preferred location but was equally attractive was mentioned by her colleague. She was aware of a house for sale in that area of the city, and Harriet bought it. Aside from a few upgrades that were required, the house was in excellent condition. She also needed to have the HVAC system checked. Harriet knew she would need her heating system because she had purchased the home in the fall, when winter wouldn’t be far off. She sought assistance from a nearby Heating and Air Conditioning company because she had never performed any fall heating system maintenance. An HVAC worker came by for an inspection and a small upgrade while Harriet was at her condo. She then gave her instructions to go to the Heating and Air Conditioning store and buy a carton of air filters so that she could replace them roughly every three months.

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By Steve