I opened the door to the hotel room I just checked into, and right away dropped my luggage and flopped on the bed face first.

I was fatigued after a long afternoon, and I couldn’t wait to sleep after a many hour drive.

Despite the long drive, this week had been a good afternoon, as I got to see a music concert by a band I had been dying to see, and then I went to an amusement park, and then finished it off with brunch and a film. A perfect ending to a perfect afternoon. Now it was night and I was dead fatigued and ready for bed. I put my luggage to the side, and planned on unpacking later. I turned off the lights and prepared to rest, but then I realized I almost forgot the a/c. The one thing I cherish about hotels is the freezing a/c, and I absolutely did not want to forget that. I turned on the hotel Heating and A/C system, and felt the cooling breeze come out of the air conditioning system vents. I purposely chose the side of the bed facing the a/c machine, and tucked myself into bed. I closed my eyes, enjoying the cool feeling of the bed combined with the Heating and A/C machine, and thought about all of the fun stuff I was going to do tomorrow. As I drifted off into sleep, I genuinely hoped to myself that I would be able to continue writing at my job in the future, because right now, the future is unparticular.


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By Steve