Have you ever been through a bad break-up? I have been.

For the past 4 months I’ve been trying to cut all ties with someone who genuinely wants to make me miserable.

As much as we didn’t get along, he still wants to be together. Therefore, he’s made it extremely difficult for me to get my stuff and move on with a new life. It’s extremely frustrating and disrespectful. Recently, I was finally able to go and get my personal items out of our previously shared home. I was extremely excited to be able to get my stuff. I wasn’t excited about the extreme temperatures that we were expecting that weekend. Of course, it would be a hundred degrees and extremely humid on the days that I have to do physical labor. I stocked up on Gatorade and headed over to the house to start my tasks. When I entered the house, I received a welcome surprise. I had forgotten entirely about the fact that the central heating and cooling system was expanded into the garage. Whenever we had purchased the house, we were extremely excited about the air ducts that service to the garage with high-quality indoor air. It allowed us to store many of our expensive items in the garage without worrying about air quality or contamination ruining them. Now, as I was moving, the garage was providing an excellent work space for me to load up the car without even stepping into the pounding sun. I backed my car into the garage and loaded boxes straight into the back as I enjoyed the wonderfully flowing AC. The best part is, I’m not paying for the energy bill.

heating maintenance

By Steve