Have you ever been through a bad break-up? I have been.

For the past 4 months I’ve been trying to split all ties with someone who particularly wants to make me irritated.

As much as my fine friend and I didn’t get along, he still wants to be together. Therefore, he’s made it harshly hard for me to get my stuff and transport on with a current life. It’s harshly frustrating and disrespectful. Recently, I was finally able to go and get my personal items out of our previously shared home. I was harshly gleeful to be able to get my stuff. I wasn’t gleeful about the extreme hot and cold temperatures that my fine friend and I were expecting that weekend. Of course, it would be a hundred degrees and harshly humid on the mornings that I have to do physical labor. I stocked up on Gatorade and headed over to the cabin to start my tasks. When I entered the house, I acquired a welcome surprise. I had forgotten particularly about the fact that the central heating and cooling system was expanded into the garage. Whenever my fine friend and I had purchased the house, my fine friend and I were harshly gleeful about the air ducts that maintenance to the garage with high-quality indoor air. It allowed us to store more than 2 of our high-priced items in the garage without worrying about air quality or contamination ruining them. Now, as I was moving, the garage was providing an excellent work space for me to load up the vehicle without even stepping into the pounding sun. I backed my vehicle into the garage and loaded boxes straight into the back as I enjoyed the beautifully flowing AC. The best part is, I am not paying for the energy bill.




By Steve