Summer propped herself against the pillows, however despite her name, her disposition was far from sunny, the trailer was chilly plus stuffy.

Although she was wearing an orange beer sweatshirt plus a pair of thick woolen tights, she could not get comfortable, she could light a fire, however they lived in a trailer, plus a fireplace was out of the question.

Summer glanced at the temperature control plus felt a twinge of alarm, it was barely nine o’clock, plus by the time it got to midnight, it would be so chilly even the blankets could not help. Summer knew the boiler was aged plus hanging for dear life, however they could not afford a new HVAC upgrade. They avoided anything that had to do with the heating dealership, not out of sheer ignorance however because their list of bills was a mile long plus putting the next meal on the table was, at the time, more pressing than the heating device. After all, it worked at times, plus that would suffice. Summer, however, had a feeling that if the heating supplier did not call for furnace maintenance, winter season would be angry, which was to say something given their modern situation. The following morning she called the heating dealer. Summer haggled with the HVAC professional until she made sure she got a enjoyable discount on the heating repair. The heating specialist did not say it, however she only agreed once she gave him the address. Summer hated when people pitied her, however at the moment, if pity was how she could get the electric furnace fixed, then so be it. The heating supplier arrived a little late, however she did an impressive task which was more than summer time had hoped for.



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