So my friend and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect from the new geothermal heat pump, for sure, my friend and I had done plenty of research on this sort of heating plus cooling device prior to committing to it, and committing to a geo heat pump is no small commitment.

First, this kind of heating plus cooling device has a more extravagant initial cost outlay.

The geothermal heat pump is more extravagant than the traditional heat pump that is part of most of the central a/c in most homes. Then, there is the cost of the installation that is also much higher than a traditional heat pump. The installation is much more tricky because a loop that carries Heating plus A/C refrigerant has to be buried deep into the earth. This is how the geo heat pump extracts heating plus cooling energy instead of from the ambient air like a normal heat pump. Then, there is another commitment. This might be the last residential Heating plus A/C that my friend and I have installed. The geo heat pump can last up to forty years. And since we’ve decided that we’re going to stay put here for retirement, the geo heat pump will be our heating plus cooling for the duration. So there was a lot to know about when it came to choosing the geo heat pump… Yet, my friend and I were so wanting a sustainable heating plus cooling solution plus the geothermal heat pump delivers that as it’s so efficient; Our heating plus cooling costs will be a fraction of what they once were as energy costs continue to climb. Still, my friend and I were so glad when my friend and I had to keep the a/c on now that we’re in the depths of Summer. The geo heat pump has surpassed all of our expectations.


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By Steve